Website Design Trends For 2018

At the start of each new year we always like to take a look at what’s in store for Website Design. So we are kicking it off this year with a look at website design trends for 2018.

Now before we dive into what’s in store with a fun look at the website design trends for this year, its important to point out that just because this is the latest design trends it doesn’t actually mean you have to have all or even any of them.

Website design is subjective and its as much about designing a site that will work for your clients as well as of course making sure its a website that you love!!

Now bearing all that in mind, let’s get started!

Four Website Design Trends for 2018 You Need To Know

Vibrant Colour Schemes

2018 is going to be the year where you can go really vibrant with colours on your website.

Minimal with lots of white space is still popular however the big push and trend this year will be the drive towards colour with vibrant, bold and bright colours leading the way!

Some websites have already been leading the way with this for a while but as 2018 progresses with more website launches the more and more we will see really bright and vibrant websites appearing and enticing us!

It’s All About The Visual

This year there will be more importance than ever on visual website design.

This of course means more use of high end quality images, but it also means using custom illustrations, animation and of course Video as well.

Video could have its own subtopic such is its importance but for the purposes of fitting in all the most important trends, I’ve included it in the visuals section.

This is one trend that I recommend you really take on board, visual is not only a great trend but its known to increase conversions.

Make sure your visual content is of the highest quality and remember to optimise your images!

Variable Fonts

Way back when websites were all so new, there really wasn’t a lot of choices when it came to web fonts.

This of course means more use of high end quality images, but it also means using custom illustrations, animation and of course Video as well.

If I’m being really honest they were pretty poor. However, I’m happy to say web fonts have improved so much since then! .

We now have a plethora of beautiful fonts to choose from and now with the introduction of variable fonts that’s only going to get even better!

There is a very technical description of a variable font, however to simplify it as much as possible it is essentially a font that can look like various fonts, going from thin to thick and bold in seconds

Mobile First

You may have already heard of Google’s mobile first index? If not then you need to listen up as this is the one trend you CANNOT afford to ignore!

Google used to have 2 ranking indexing, your website could be ranked within its Desktop Index or it could be ranked within its mobile index.

Which index and set of results a user was shown depending on the device they were using and where you ranked on each index would vary as well.

In 2017 Google announced that its all change in terms of their indexing and from now on they will use a mobile first index. In other words websites that are mobile ready will be given ranking preference over those that aren’t

In other words making sure your website is mobile friendly will be vital this year!

Try A Trend?

These are my 4 favourite website design trends for 2018, there are others of course but these are the 4 I have focused on for now!

Tell me in the comments below what if any of these 2018 website design trends you are going to implement and if you have set any website design goals then pop them in the comments below!