One of the most Important aspects of your website, will be your website copy. It’s Important that you know how to write website copy that sells!

Its the content on your pages that tells your story, captures the attention of your audience and encourages them to become a customer of you and a follower of your brand!

Copy Writing is essentially one of the most vital components of your online marketing strategy.

Your ultimate aim for the content that you create should be to have the person reading it take some form of action.

This could be signing up to your newsletter, following you on social media, it could be sharing a blog post or of course enquiring for a quote or buying something direct from your website.

How To Write Website Copy That SellsKnowing how important copywriting is to your website and your online marketing campaign, I tend to say if you can afford to pay for a copywriter to write at least part of your website copy then you should do that.

However the reality is that, copywriters are costly, the good ones charge a lot, and for good reason.


You may have to spend upwards of £2000 for a good copywriter to write a page for your website.

However you will make that back time and time again due to the number of people who will become customers based on the copy they read on your site.

In reality not many Small to medium businesses can afford to hire a copywriter so therefore you need to learn as much about copywriting as you can, in order to write amazing website content for your own website you need to learn how to write website copy that sells!

Lets Discover How To Write Website Copy That Sells!

Don’t worry discovering how to write copy that sells doesn’t need to be complicated , simply follow these expert tips to create website sales copy that looks like it has been written by a Pro!!!

Create A Powerful Headline

Writing headlines is the most important copywriting skill. Therefore you need your headline to be magnetic to keep people on your website and encouraging them to read more.

The web is full of choices, even in your niche you probably have a number of competitors all vying for your customers attention.

We view so many websites now, that we scan read a landing page, to see if it is worth our time of a proper read.

Therefore you want to make sure you write headlines that are attention grabbing!

Make sure you write your headline first and make it one that highlights what you can do for the reader, perhaps one key benefit of what your product or service can do for them. This should capture their attention.

Keep it short and focuses, your potential customer is viewing your website, with one thought “What’s in this for me?” make sure your headline answers this question for them!

Once you have attracted their eye with your main headline, you will want to make sure that your subheadline continues to hook in their attention and make it easier for them to scan the content of the page, encouraging them to read the whole page.

Also make sure you consider the size and colour of your headlines, you want them to stand out straight away!

Solve A Problem

The biggest mistakes companies make is to make their website copy all about them.

So they tell a lot about their company, they tell you a lot about themselves, perhaps a little about their staff and then some more info about their company and what people have to say about their company.

Now while it is of course OK to tell people who you are and what you do. The main point of your website copy should be to talk to your potential customers and tell them how you can help them.

Its vital that you have done your research and know what your customers main problems are and then your website copy should be telling them how you can solve their problem!

Make sure your website copy shows your website visitors how you can help them, that’s why they are there, to find the solution to their problem.

In short make sure your website copy has a little about you and what you do but a lot about their problem and how you can help!

So while it is your website, it’s not really about you it is about your customers and how you can help make their lives better,

Therefore at each stage of writing your content copy make sure you keep that point at the forefront of your mind.

Keep The Conversation 1 – 1

Don’t aim your website copy at the masses! Its best to keep it personal when it comes to writing the content for the site.

When you use the active voice in your website copy, it is much more powerful.

Remember how we spoke about solving the problem your customer had? Well your solutions to their problems seem all the more appealing when it feels like you are addressing them personally from your website.

Using words like “you” and “yours” are so powerful especially if you are using reflective questioning in your sales copy.

Using an active tone to your words is also much more inviting when it comes to taking action.

Using a passive voice and one that speaks to the many, involves decoding you have to think about what is being asked of you and then relate it back to you and what you are looking for.

Whereas using the active voice, invites people in and leads them where you want them to where you want them to go (to sign up, enquire or buy) It involve a lot less thought and gives them less chance to talk themselves out of taking action.

So write your copy as if you are speaking to someone directly.

Make It Skimmable

Your visitors won’t read your website word for word. They will scan to find what they’re looking for faster.Therefore by ensuring your copy and content are easy to skim gives them what they want, keeps their attention longer, and is easier for everyone to read.

Use the following tips to break up your text in order to make it easier to read and scan through.

  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Create bulleted lists
  • Use text formatting, bold, italic, colour
  • Include images and videos,
  • Write short sentences and small paragraphs
  • Include Prominent Calls To Action

No matter how good your content copy is or how irresistible your offer is you will not be able to generate a single sale if your prospective customer is confused about how to redeem it.
Make your call to action simple, clear, and easy to find. Tell the visitor exactly what to do next. Make sure your call to actions are clear and don’t leave the user feeling confused.

Depending on the layout of your website, this could mean making the buttons bigger, bolding text, or moving your web form higher on the page.

You should be able to see your call to action clearly even when you step away from the computer. If you can stand around 6 feet away and see it clearly then that’s great.

Also don’t think you can have just one call to action you can have several throughout your website copy, as people will decided to take action at different stages, not everyone will decide to sign up at the same point.

If you follow these tips they will help you discover how to write website copy that sells!

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